CAD & BIM Software for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

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2D & 3D CAD Software

Low-cost alternatives to AutoCAD ® from 170 Euros.

Unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD®.
Read, create and modify drawings directly in DWG. Same look and feel buy only a fraction of the price.

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3D BIM Architecture in DWG

The smart alternative to Revit ® & ArchiCAD ®

The easiest transition to 3D Architecture and BIM for CAD users.
An advanced BIM technology to draw faster and easier both in 2D and 3D directly in DWG.

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BIM MEP Software in DWG

The smart BIM suite for MEP Engineers

Building Services Design & Calculation
All-in-one : Calculate the loads from the drawing and update the drawing with results before generating all the 2D DWG outputs.


CAD & BIM Software for Architecture & Engineering

Cost-effective solutions – Intelligent Building Design

4M provides the Architecture & Engineering professionals with advanced verticals since 1986. 4M has a user base of  25.000 customers in over 40 countries, closely supported by a high skilled network of strategic partners, distributors and resellers.

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Get the concept of our BIM technology

See that Introduction video showing the philosophy of use of IDEA Architecture, our 3D BIM Architectural Software.

All our BIM software share the same BIM technology and a similar philosophy : Easy migration from AutoCAD, you just need to master some very simple commands like polyline, copy, trim or extent and the software will help you to create the 3D BIM model and to extract from it all the 2D DWG drawings.


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Unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD

See that video showing the CAD features and the drawing environment of 4MCAD .

All our BIM & CAD software use DWG as their native file format, you can open, modify and save in this format without any import or export. You will also find a drawing environment very close to AutoCAD’s one. Besides the CAD features of 4MCAD are included in all our BIM Software. As a result when you buy IDEA Architecture or a FINE software you also have included a full CAD software : You get 2 software in 1, CAD + BIM.

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