If you are interested in becoming a 4M partner, please contact us at 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다. and we will get in touch with you very shortly.


Why become a 4M Partner?


> 4M is a world leader and innovator in the BIM market with 35 years tradition and experience (since 1986)

> Our world-top class software products cover the entire range of the CAD and AEC sector, being used by over 50.000 customers across the world

> 4M software solutions have the best value for money amongst all the other CAD & BIM providers, so they practically sell by themselves

> We are offering the most favorable partnership conditions by providing also outstanding services to you and your customers

> Working together with us you can join the rapidly growing CAD & BIM market and earn a good profit margin


With practically no initial investment, become today a part of one of the most trusted BIM software suite. You can count on us because first of all we are interested in your success.